Call for Action

People are deported against their will from the airport Vienna Schwechat almost daily. The right of every person to live where she_he wants is being violated systematically.

The racist logic that privileges certain people holding certain passports while criminalising others is systematic. Often people who endure serious danger, physical exertion and financial exploitation to escape from war, poverty, hunger,… or just want to live somewhere else, are illegalised and exploited without having any access to legal advice, healthcare, education, etc.. Often they wait for years for a residence permit under the most precarious circumstances, just to be arrested, put into detention and later be deported. Many resist deportation – some to the point of death. According to the Austrian Ministery of the Interior e.g., one third of the people in deportation jails are on hunger strike at the moment.

On the 14th of September this year, Ganganpreet Singh died after four weeks of being on hunger strike – but he is no isolated case. Semira Adamu, Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, Marcus Omofuma… are just a few of the people, who had to pay with their lives for resisting. The countless people who, already on their way to Europe, choked in overcrowded transporters oder drowned trying to cross the sea, appear, if at all, only in the side notes of the newspapers.

Resistance already starts outside of detention, at Europe’s external borders. Here, everyday people fight with their bodies and by simply being there against the global racism of capitalist nation states, trying to cross these borders. In solidarity with all those fighting directly against the border regime daily, it is necessary to fight for an immediate abolishment of the racist measures of detention and deportation. With a colourful, loud and determined action day at one of the central
spots of Austria’s deportation system, a clear signal shall be sent!

Think up actions.
Be creative.
Form affinity groups.
Dress like tourists.

Abolish detention!
Abolish deportation!
Freedom of Residence and Movement for everybody!

Day of action on Friday, the 23rd of October, 13:00 at and around the Schwechat airport.

Barrierfree? Although it’s not clear what actions will take place, but we think most of them will take be on places that are wheel-chair accessible – the airport and its toilets should be wheel-chair accessible. Unfortunately it is needed to register under this number +43 (0) 5 1717 if you want to come by train. For some people we can maybe organise some places in cars. Just write us if you have questions about this.

Information-evenings, Movies, Discussions, Workshop

Translations? Nearly all events will be held in german language, some films may be English, please contact us if you wish to have a translation. We would like to organise something!

„Fortress Europe“ – Border regime and Exploitation with Corinna Millborn and Elias Bierdel

When? Mo. the 12th of October, 19:00
Where? Auditorium M13a, Academy of the Fine Arts, Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna
Barrierfree? There is a wheel-chair accessible entrance at Mokartgasse2. The door can automatically be opened by a buzzer. Inside, there is a elevator on the right side. Go to the 1st floor. There will be some signs. At the entrance-floor and the basement, you can find wheel-chair accessible toilets.
It is a non-smoking room.

At (EU-)Europe’s borders, the murderous consequences of european immigration policy are shown in all their explicitness. In the past years, thousands of people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea alone. What is often called „a tragedy“ in Europe, is the consequence of an intentional policy of sealing-off borders that includes absurd legal measures like the prosecution of those who rescue migrants/refugees from distress at sea. One of those targeted by such measures is Elias Bierdel whose „Cap Anamour“ rescued 37 people in 2004. On the 7th of October, an Italian court will pronounce the judgement against Bierdel and the captain Stephan Schmidt. The Department of Public Prosecution demand a 4 year jail sentence and a fine of 400.000 Euro for the two accused.

Information event about the European border regime with Elias Bierdel and the journalist Corinna Millborn (Book: „Gestürmte Festung Europa“, Styria 2006)

„Practice of Deportation in Austria“ with Dessi, the Migrants and Refugees Counselling

When? Tue. the 13th of October, 19:30
Where?  Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna
Barrierfree? There is one step at the entrance. Inside you have to get over some steps to reach the (very small) toilet. The next wheel-chair accessible toilet might be at the Museumsquartier.
Depot is a non-smoking space.

Detention before deportation is the only form of arrest without penalty. It never targets Austrians, just „foreigners“. What really goes on behind the doors of detention prisons is unknown to most people because access to information as well as physical access to the facilities is strictly limited.
Why do detainees risk their lives over and over by refusing to eat? Did you know that detention detainees have to pay every day for their deprivation of liberty? How long can somebody actually be kept in prison for her_his illegalised residence? How is everyday life in detention prisons and how are deportations actually executed? These and other questions will be examined in the talk, while providing an insight into actual everyday practices that „foreigners“ who stand between asylum procedure and illegalisation have to deal with.

Mobilisation Event – watching movies, collecting ideas, debating

When? Thu. the 15th of October, 20:00
Where? Media Workshop (ger.: „Medienwerkstatt“) 2. Stock, EKH, Wielandgasse 2-4, 1100 Vienna
Barrierfree? The event will be at the 2nd floor – unfortunately there is no elevator.
Signs will show the way to the “Medienwerkstatt”.
Most of the time, people smoke in ekh.

The weekly PolitDiskuBeisl dedicates itself to the upcoming airport action day and will be showing movies (some of them in english) about resistance against deportations in other countries. After that, there will be room for discussing and planning actions.

The Border Patrol Agency Frontex – Info Event with Bernd Kasparek of Karawane Munich

When? Fri. the 16th of October, 19:00
Where? Auditorium 2, ground floor in the NIG, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna
Barrierfree? NIG is wheel-chair accessible and there are also accessible Toilets.
It is a non-smoking room.

The European border patrol agency Frontex exists since 2005 and is since then striving to advance the practical side of creating an europeanised EU-external frontier. The effects of the agency, its policies as well as its involvement in the attempt of creating an European migration policy will be focuses of the talk.
Additionally the new (german) brochure „Frontex – Widersprüche im erweiterten Grenzraum“ will be presented.

Action-planning Meeting + Cinema in the i:dA Sunday Cinema

When? Sun. the 18th of October, 17:00 + 20:00
Where? i:dA, Zwölfergasse 9, 1150 Vienna
Barrierfree? You have to get over some steps to come into this basement-space. The next wheel-chair accessible toilet might be in the nearby Trainstation.
You can recognise I:dA by many stickers. In this space you can pay as much as you want for your drinks.
The Workshop can also be in english (and german) if anybody wants.
Most of the time, people are smoking at i:dA.

The action day on the 23rd of oct. should consist of different small actions in and around the airport area – so come up with ideas! There are already ideas of actions that are easy to join. Just causing confusion, asking „wrong“ questions, handing out flyers, debating loudly, disguising yourself as airport personnel or as a tourist, carrying around banners or showing disgust – lots of things are possible!

An afternoon for exchange, networking, collecting ideas, manufacturing, painting banners, preparing actions…


With unfounded optimism Marko and Atanas start their search for the woman holding the right passport in Vienna: Atanas wants to marry – pro forma, to come into possession of an EU-passport…
Regie: Atanas Georgiev. A/HR/MK 2009. With Serbo-Croatian, Macenonian, German, English and French language – with german subtitels

Movies and action planning in que[e]r

When? Wed. the 21st of October, 20:00
Where? w23 – under the bridge, Wipplingerstraße 23, 1010 Vienna
Barrierfree? W23 is under the bridge, between “Wipplingerstraße” and “Tiefer Graben”. Unfortunately you can only reach it, if you can get over some steps. Inside there are no more steps, the toilets are quite small.
From 8pm there will also be food for 2€.
Most of the time, people are smoking at W23

On friday the 23rd of oct. around the area of the airport Schwechat an action day against deportation will take place. Two days before, we want to talk again about what is planned, look at movies (some of them might be in English) about protests in other countries and most notably also offer space to plan actions. We hope that until then, there will be exciting plans and ideas for actions in small groups, we possibly can think up some more and offer a chance to easily connect with others who are taking part. Form groups!