Anti-racist Action Days

Everyday people are being deported – worldwide. They live in a sate of constant uncertainty – not knowing if they can move, if they are allowed to stay. Day to day asylum seekers who run away from poverty, war, violence and political prosecution are denied the most basic human rights.

They are being criminalized, discriminated against and marginalized in order to legitimatize the racist and violent deportation machine to maintain the illusion of national borders. These are all well-know facts. Deportations are criticized fro some time now. Meanwhile besides multinational scrutiny companies (SERCO, G45) agencies like Frontex keep on working on implementing deportations in the most efficient way. Now more than ever, we are not willing to tolerate this daily routine.

In order not only to express our rejection towards the asylum politics, but also to transgress and subvert borders let us get together for anti-racist-anti-deportation-for-free-movement street festivity and demonstration where people can meet and exchange experiences. A world of free movement is possible.

Thursday 3rd of June 2010, 15:00-22:00
Grenzenloses Straßenfest, Leopold-Mistinger-Platz (beim Meiselmarkt, U3 Johnstraße) 1150 Vienna
Programm: Infotable, street musicians, VoKü, Theater groups, crafting & makeup, chill out areas and many more…

Friday 4th of June 2010, 17:00
Massive Antir-racist demonstration; Meeting point: Reumannplatz (1110 Vienna, U1 Reumannplatz);
Route: Favortienstraße, Laxenburgerstraße, Gudrunstraße, Mazleinsdorfer Platz, Magarentgürtel, Wienergürtel, Gumpendorfergürtel. Neubaugürtel, destination point: Urban Loritz Platz;